Necko. Artist coming from Graffiti. He combines his love for street art with research and experimentation within technological art in any of its aspects.
With his personal work he explores and generates new dialogues, formats and creative processes based on cutting-edge technological tools.
He combines his personal research with commissioned work for different companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Hard Rock, Pacha, Volvo, Pacha, Disney World, Aston Martin, Zuma, Club Chinois, Dj and international clubs, renowned musical artists and a long etcetera.

His work is characterized by his chameleonic search for expression combining painting, sculpture, interactivity, projection mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, video art, 3D design, LED programming, interactive programming, design of multimedia experiential spaces, motion graphics, etc., thus expressing his firm conviction of not being tied to any specific artistic production format or any aesthetic solution that constrains his capabilities.

Transmedia art for 21st century minds.

nEcKo combines his artistic career with creative direction with the leading company in the European audiovisual market, Fluge, and with consultancy and advice to create volume multimedia projects for clients, entities and companies looking for cutting-edge solutions in their initiatives.


We are the species that inhabits this planet with the most developed capacities.
Hundreds of millions of kings establishing common parameters for living in society under the protection of the theoretical certainty that science, politics, philosophy and ethics offer us on subjects as complex and basic as Life.

Pure dichotomy, with no nuances other than those of extremes and opposites. No grey. Only polarized concepts. Black or white. With me or against me. Many units of life allied in the same side. We create generalities about what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not.

I don't think we are aware that in order to alienate ourselves we have simplified to a ridiculous, crude and tendentious extent fundamental and transcendental concepts implicit in the magnitude of what is actually our own existence.
Human inherent cognitive systems process thousands of pieces of data daily that require gross simplification, schematization and labelling.

In order to subsist, we compress and dilute elementary aspects that do not allow us to make a judgement, not even close to objectivity. Each of us has the responsibility to improve these processes of analysis and judgement with a conscious and less complacent attitude, even if, on the way, we have to be critical and crudely objective with ourselves.

I propose and explore dialogues between Art, Science, Technology, Ethics and Philosophy from a multimedia point of view and without tying myself to any format of work production... that is my aim.

My research is based on a subjective analysis of the bases that support the great current paradoxes.
A personal reflection based on an internal debate about the past, present and future of our evolution as a species.
I explore and re-interpret through multiple formats and technologies a new path within contemporary art.
I reflect on the present moment and humanity's relationship with technology.

Accepting and assuming this reflection places us in the reality of a new present, in which, for me, we are obliged to open a profound and sincere debate on the conflict that is generated between superlative Humanism and the limitations of the individual.

I reflect on the impact and consequences of these new realities that are inexorably integrated into our societies through artistic expression using techniques, materials and technologies different from the usual ones in the world of Art.

I look for new visual and conceptual results without complexes or limitations from the treatment of new techniques of artistic production and from the respect to the results obtained in my experiments and sometimes... without complete control over the work.

In the 21st century, Life, for example, does not have a clear and consensual definition, neither from a scientific nor an ethical point of view. As the dominant species on the planet, we humans go through our ephemeral existence between a succession of chemical reactions and an immense sequence of reception and analysis of data with the main purpose of survival. In this almost infinite loop of receiving and processing data, we generate conclusions, value judgements and decisions of varying degrees of importance. To conclude that our judgement and agency is biased and constrained by the limitations of our cognitive systems is relatively simple. It is enough to understand that the information we process and with which we will later make judgements, establish theories and determine conclusions, is nothing more than the fruit of the basic collection of information from our data reception tools: sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch.

After many hours of study and analysis of the most important references published in the world of Biology, Genetics, Computation and Artificial Intelligence, the first lines of reflection arise: Would it be possible to find entities that meet the same parameters of what we know as carbon-based Life in alternative environments and imperceptible to human cognitive systems; Would it be possible that our perceptions and judgements would not be sufficient to identify these possible forms of life; How could the concept of artificial life affect the human race; How could the concept of artificial life affect the human race?

Looking deeper into the subject, the research leads me to distinguish two distinct and differentiated but confluent postulates.

Biology and Technology are heading in the same direction; towards the design of organic life using Computation as a tool, improving and amplifying what evolution by itself has been able to generate on the planet over millions of years, (tissue culture, amplification or reduction of physical and mental capacities, immortality, transgenics, creation of new species, etc.), and that which is heading along the path of.

"Biology and Technology are going in the same direction; towards the design of organic life using Computation as a tool, improving and amplifying what evolution by itself has been able to generate on the planet over millions of years, (tissue culture, amplification or reduction of physical and mental capacities, immortality, transgenics, creation of new species, etc.), and the one that goes down the path of total or partial hybridisation of the human being and his capacities.

Researching and testing formulas of artistic creation using technology and scientific trends creates a new and exciting scenario for all creators who work with new formulas of approach between public and art."

ART HISTORIATOR´S COMMENTARY (Comment by Pat Quintero, Art Historian, Director of the MUTEK International Festival of Technological Art)

¨It is our responsibility to reflect on how these uncertainties influence our present and future, placing us in a new scenario in which technological development takes on greater interaction with the human race every day. Technology as a new variable in our existence and whose exponential growth, marks and will mark our evolution as a "purely Human" species modifying without a doubt this game of interrelationships.¨

Since ancient times, art, science and technology have met and dialogued to put themselves at the service of the conceptualization of the "vital impulses" to be embodied, in the form of work, by artists. It is not in vain that the word "art" comes from the Latin "ars" and technique from the Greek "tekne"; originally referring to all the production carried out by man and to the disciplines of know-how.

As a result of this involvement of technique in art, new technologies have been generated, which with their evolution have led to new forms of interaction between the spectator, the artist and his work. Without going any further, some of the artistic categories of the last decades, such as; video art; mapping, sound, inverse and computational art, etc., have been a direct consequence of this evolution. Science, for its part, has also always benefited from the creativity of art, opening up to explore new paths that were only imaginable in the fantasy of an artist, as for example in technological research on textiles, generating interactive clothing from an artistic-creative perspective, or in the transition from the observation of "dead" nature to nature as a work of art in bio-art.

But what happens when it is the very development and evolution of science and technology that become the artistic idea itself. What happens when that "vital pulse", that intimate and humanistic reflection to which an artist submits us with his work, revolves around how we are influenced by the past, present and future of the evolutionary development resulting from the encounter between science and technology. It happens that new paradigms emerge, new points of view not only in the methodology of how to create art but also in how we interact with it. A reflective art is generated that serves as a testimony, individually and socially, to the reality of our hybrid coexistence, as humans, between the world we understand as physical and the new "real" worlds (digital, virtual and computational) and their future co-inhabitants.

It is in this vein that nEcKo and his multimedia art project is presented, in which he explores new techniques within contemporary and technological art, while generating a conscious reflection on our current and future relationship with technology. Concepts such as life, artificial life, human data reception and analysis systems, cognitive systems, Transhumans, Posthumans, Cellular Automata, Artificial Intelligence, Internet or digital life trace, make up the imaginary of nEcKo and serve the artist as an intellectual starting point to develop and explore his interpretations, through multiple formats and mixtures of artistic techniques.

Developing artistic work in multimedia format at the same time as the lines of research continue their course, gives nEcKo's work a triple dimension with scientific, technological and artistic value. Treating each work as a joint work between the human being and artificial intelligence, or between what is considered conventional life and artificial life, incites the spectator to experience each creation as an invitation to reflection and debate on the future of our species and on the limitations inherent to the human being. In his methodology, the artist fuses human intervention and the results of exposing his work to more or less complex systems of artificial intelligence. From this fusion is born a "DigitalSuperiorEntity" that reflects directly with the artist from the "Virtual World" in which he inhabits and from which he confronts us with ourselves in a performative way. Visual and sound installations emulating ecosystems and digital worlds where aspects and concepts of digital life are exposed and which force us to become aware of our unconsciousness. Immense floating particles of minimal units of information of the supposed dna of an artificial life. Voluminous intelligent roots. Multiple scenarios of digital traces resulting from a mixture of artistic disciplines. Virtual pieces that reproduce infinite systems of "digital" life.

The results are surprising and transgressive. Hybrid works of art in concepts and disciplines that invite reflection and rediscover the limits of science, technology and art. New paradigms for a new future.