FYAHBWOY Hades Videoclip



DATE: 2020

When great artistic disciplines intersect, there are few occasions when the result leaves us indifferent. On this occasion, urban music and multimedia art came together... musical expression and artistic expression. The result of this encounter is HADES, a multimedia art project where Fyahbwoy provides the lyrics and music, (MRK production) and nEcKo a visual and conceptual universe around the theme.
The result is a complete descent into the underworld referred to by the same name, a piece of video art loaded with chemistry, expressiveness and artistic references within an orchestral sound that verges on darkness in a vital way. darkness in a vital way. Fyahbwoy is considered the Spanish artist of reference in the Spanish dancehall and reggae genre. More than 10 years of career have consecrated him at the top of his genre as an icon of independent music. A visual universe inspired by the baroque paintings of the great masters of classical painting such as: Bosch, Caravaggio, Gericaunt, Pieter Brueghel The Old Man and others, serve as a conceptual base that is completed with ¨digital trash¨ and communication elements of the XXI century.
Written by Fyah Music by MRK Mixed and Mastered by Daddy Cobra at Cobra Studios Video directed by nEcKo Production by Fyah and nEcKo