3d video designed to present Kimitec Group's business model and lifestyle.



DATE: 2020

Europe's largest centre for biotechnology applied to agriculture proposed to artistically intervene the centre's space to generate a journey of scientific dissemination and multimedia art.
Many small ideas create big disruptions. A team of more than 200 researchers with one of the largest collaborative networks of centres, such as the CSIC or the main research groups of national and international universities, and public and private organizations in the biotechnology sector, including leading companies in the agri-food and research industry. The need to find alternatives to synthetic chemistry makes it necessary to have the latest technology in order to increase the productivity of Kimitec Group's R&D&I team and boost its competitiveness in the sector.
In such an ambitious project, KIMITEC GROUP contacted nEcKo to design the artistic interventions in the Maavi Laboratory. The artistic project has multisensory scenes that combine painting, sculpture, demotics, projection mapping, motion graphics, 3D modeling, sound design and smell that will serve not only for its artistic value, but will also have a didactic function.
Currently, work is being carried out on the second phase of the project, which has more than 35,000m2 built and which will house one of the most impressive multimedia experiences on the continent.

"A multimedia project based on scientific dissemination and creativity that combines projection mapping, 3D animations, bas-relief sculpture, painting, sound generated and produced from the sequencing of the DNA chain of plants endemic to Almeria, home automation and aromas to create transmedia scenes that bring the technological and scientific work of Kimitec Group closer to visitors. Inaugurated in October 2019”.