A selection of visual poems born during confinement, created from memory and reflection. Told in the first person and recorded with a mobile phone. A review of love, loneliness, nostalgia, family relationships and self-knowledge.



DATE: 2020

Different, everyday memories, about love, family, expectations... Sound memories with a creative and conceptual video editing that oscillate between one and two minutes. The texts and voice, original by Nacho Blumen and the audio and video editing created by nEcKo create a series of intimate compositions that generate a disconcerting but profound memory in the spectator. We all share in some way similar situations and reflections... or do we? Our collaboration was born during the state of confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. A state that ended up becoming a period of reflection and introspection for both of us in our homes. Our conversations gave rise to the idea of exploring the expression of feelings, in the form of a diary, from two different perspectives, the visual and the textual, the word and the image. With the addition of working in parallel, at a distance, respecting the creative independence of each of the participants, losing control of the creative work on one part of the piece.
Relying, therefore, on the most important relationship of all, friendship, creating a new connection with untold stories and unimagined visual interpretations. The experiences, the home, the sense of anguish that forces us to expand, to shout about ourselves as an act of selfaffirmation. The visual pieces were created with recycled images in collage format, working from the resistance and subversion of the restriction of the use and treatment of images and video on the Internet. Scraps and data uploaded to the net that swarm around us but that in theory cannot be touched. Available resources that the creators themselves veto. Paradoxes of the 21st century where the author doesn't mind ceding 100% of his work to generic platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, but who are jealous of its use by colleagues in the sector. Work derived from free downloadable content. Digital activist for the free use of digital resources. Let's build a virtual world free of impositions and vetoes.