20 creations printed with UV ink on transparent methacrylate.
Size: 20x40cm each artwork



DATE: 2022

"I am looking for new ways to use industrial tools for artistic expression. I have used laser scanners to map everyday spaces and then integrate them into my compositions by combining 3D software and design software. I intend to walk that increasingly thin line between the physical and the virtual... The information provided by certain cutting-edge technological tools, traditionally applied to industry, offer us an amplification of human perceptual reality limited by natural cognitive capacity. From this reflection arises a simple but crucial question:

Is reality exclusively what we humans perceive with our information receptors? Do we call reality the limited perception we have? Are the physical and the virtual different planes of a subjective reality? I intend to create new exhibition formats using unconventional materials and translucent supports that can be physically visualized in 360ยบ... multimedia art for 21st century minds"
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