Phrases evocative of viral times on compositions that give a glimpse of faces and human parts behind a tangle of confusion and artifice. Series of digital prints in Ecosolvent offset on Fabriano paper of 360 gr.



DATE: 2020

It is a selection of visual poems born during confinement, created from memory and reflection, narrated in first person and recorded with a cell phone. A review of love, loneliness, nostalgia, family relationships and self-knowledge. Different memories, everyday, about love, family, expectations... Sound memories with a creative and conceptual video edition that oscillate between one and two minutes. The texts and voice, original by Nacho Blumen and the audio and video editing created by nEcKo create a series of intimate compositions that generate a disconcerting but deep memory in the viewer. We all somehow share similar memories, situations and reflections... or do we? Our collaboration was born during the state of confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. A state that ended up becoming a period of reflection and introspection for both of us in our homes. From our conversations was born the idea of exploring the expression of feelings, as a diary, from two different perspectives, the visual and the textual, the word and the image. With the addition of working in parallel, in the distance, respecting the creative independence of each of the participants, losing control of the creative work on a part of the piece.
Relying, therefore, on the most important relationship of all, friendship, creating a new connection with untold stories and unimagined visual interpretations. The experiences, the home, the feeling of anguish that forces us to expand, to shout about ourselves as an act of self-affirmation. Nacho Blumen, Nacho Blumen is a political scientist who has been working in the world of brands, strategic communication and creative direction all his professional life. Creative Director as the basis of his daily work in different disciplines, he has even been present in different collective exhibitions with renowned artists (e.g. He currently holds the position of Director of Branding, Advertising and Strategic Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and works closely with many brands and artists.
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