nEcKo / Moi Berlanga / Oscar Jaenada



DATE: 2021

Multimedia installation that moves and stirs the consciences of the spectators. Life, Death. What is more universal than these concepts? 2 different stories written by Moi Berlanga, a masterful performance by Óscar Jaenada and creative editing for a multimedia installation created for 21st century minds. The main axes of this artistic installation, which reflects, in a visual poem format in a 360º environment, on universal and capital themes, are: traditional poetry, video art, mapping projection, 360º sound and interaction with the spectator. Oscar Jaenada, internationally known actor, recorded in black and white, in close-up of his face interpreting the texts, will serve as the basis of the creative edition. Inside the square and immersive room, Oscar Jaenada interprets the text alone in one of the facades of the environment and the rest of the faces remain expectantly waiting for their turn, creating a dynamic and interactive narrative sequence.
Both the transition visuals between shots based on liquids and structures that evoke life and death depending on the colour applied, as well as the music and the sound effects that accompany the actor's masterful performance, make up a unique piece. The texts corresponding to Life and Death are intertwined in a narrative that in its final part confuses the spectator without knowing which concept corresponds to each stanza in a clear allegory to the conceptual confusion of both principles and the blurred line between the only two universal principles of any entity that inhabits the Earth. Dealing with universal themes, exposing the differences and similarities in concepts that are in principle opposed to each other, provokes confusing and reflective sensations in the spectator. The viewing of the piece in 360 degrees, with the figure of the performer in giant format, intimidates and mobilizes the spectator in space, creating an inverse, dynamic and interactive action.